JROTC, Should I switch out?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by sg2019, Oct 14, 2011.

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    I am really considering switching out of Army JROTC. I feel like I'm w/the people who just don't want to take PE. I don't feel like JROTC has made me a better citizen in any way in the past six weeks. It has actually added more stress on my life. I am only a freshmen w/all A's,I run cross country, plan on skiing, playing club lacrosse, and running track. How much would switching out affect the chances of getting into USNA?
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    The SAs look to see if you have leadership. JROTC is one way of doing that, but it is certainly not the only way. Becoming a team captain or a class officer will give you a better boost than just participation in JROTC. Athletics is something you really should have.

    JROTC doesn't hurt, but it doesn't necessarily help, either. SAs want well-rounded applicants.

    If you don't like it or if you feel it is taking up too much time, I say go ahead and quit. It's better to focus your energies on something you enjoy (which would lead to a leadership position).

    I would think the majority of kids at the SAs and in ROTC programs (at SMCs or "regular schools") do not have JROTC experience.
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    I think JROTC will only help if you hold an active leadership position or show active leadership (organizing activities, events, fundraising, etc). no one in my JROTc unit has ever gone to a SA but I am trying to change that:smile:
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    There's nothing wrong with leaving; you'll have plenty of opportunities for leadership with or without JROTC. You might lose a nomination source, but appointments on a JROTC nomination are scarce anyway. If you're worried about a lack of a military program, US Naval Sea Cadets, Civil Air Patrol, and Young Marines are out there.

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