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    How is JROTC looked at when added to your packet at West Point?

    1.) Do they take into consideration how much responsibility you have within the unit?
    2.) Are the community services performed within the scope of one's JROTC unit able to be mentioned as community involvements?
    3.) Can the various organizations within the JROTC unit be looked at like sports? (i.e. Rifle Team, Raider Team)
    4.) Is it better to involve oneself deeply within one organization such as this, or lightly within many organizations one can be a part of?

    I ask because I am very deeply involved with my unit (I was promoted to C/Lt. Colonel, and became Vice Corps Commander), and am very involved with the various clubs within the unit (Color Guard, Marksmanship, Raiders, Saber Team) and this takes up a great deal of time. But at the same time, my JROTC unit has many community events that the Corps of Cadets can be a part of (replacing flags, traffic detail, parking detail, color guards for sports events, flag detail for sports events, I even was given the opportunity to teach 3rd Graders about city zones).

    Is any of this recognized, or would I have to go into another organization to boost my chances?

    Thank you for any assistance provided.
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    JROTC is a very good credential but at the end of the Day WP is trying to see a diversity of leadership experiences.

    A varsity sport is virtually required for admission and a variety of clubs is looked upon well so long as you dont stretch yourself too thin.

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