Jury Duty


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Jan 22, 2014
So I got summoned for jury duty during a school day this semester and I know I can postpone it for the summer, but does anyone know if I can Get out of it for ROTC summer training? I know active duty personal can be executed.
Oh my. Executed. Rather drastic way to be excused. Gentle fun here, we all get burned by auto-correct. ;)

A letter from ROTC commander stating required nature of training would likely suffice. That is just an educated guess. I am sure others may have more official answers.

This cannot be a new situation, and ROTC unit staff probably has a letter template on file. In situations like this, going to your chain of command is always a good first step.

Taking the initiative, use a 20th c. communication method, a telephone, if there is a number to call on the jury summons. Find out what is required in a letter excusal, so you can present yourself to your c of c as the can-do cadet/mid with a draft letter file ready to prep on letterhead paper, if a signed paper letter is required.
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High School or College? HS needs to just take letter from principal/dean and can mail that to the COC and some will excuse rather than put off since they know most/large number of HS students are going to be moving/ going to college / joining military / out of area job like camp counselor.
If thinking re delay to Summer then student would not be doing training all summer unless doing Basic training so can do Reserves/Nation Guard while in ROTC.