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Feb 7, 2009
This application process is much more complicated and competitive than I could have ever expected. I live in an area where the Academies are somewhat downplayed, and acceptances are few and far between, so I am quite new to the process. From the threads I have read, the caliber of students chosen for the SAs is is extremely high, and I hope to be among the few.
I have just received a letter of acceptance to USMA's summer seminar and I am awaiting a letter from USNA. As for the "real" applications I need a little help with the basics of nominations (forgive me if they are things I should already know) :
1. I am a Junior in high school, when should I begin to send in nomination requests?
2. How many nominations should I solicit (all four?), and should I make a request for all 3 SAs I am applying for (USMA, USMA, USAFA) from each source?
3. What should I include in my nomination request? Is the bare bones request form provided by the Academies sufficient, or should I plan on a major thesis paper outlining my accomplishments and goals?
4. How many nominations are required for each SA?

Thanks for any and all help.
CRD, congrats on SLS and welcome to the process. Your first step in seeking a nomination should be to visit the web sites of your senators and congressperson (MOC). Under "student services" or "constituent services" you will find directions for seeking nominations. You will also likely see the name of the academy liason whose job it is to help young people through this process. Each MOC requires different information in the nomination request. You will likely end up putting a packet of info together for each one including (but not limited to) transcripts, letters of recommendation, essays detailing why you want this, test scores, resume, picture, CFA scores, in addition to a letter simply asking for the nomination. Good luck as you begin the process!
1. MOCs usually don't accept applications before late summer/early fall, so you should submit it then.
2. Yes, go for every nomination. Each application will ask you to rank your choices of academies.
3. Pretty much what mom3boys said. All of my MOCs requested SAT/ACT scores, transcripts, counselor, math, and english teachers' letters of recommendations, activity forms, essays about my desire to become a naval officer, photographs, and formal interviews at their local offices.
4. Only one nomination is required per academy, but if you are applying to multiple academies, you will need a seperate nomination for each one.

Hope this cleas things up a bit. Good luck!