KC-130 ride on Friday :)


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Nov 30, 2008
Guess who gets to ride a KC-130 on a refueling mission over the Atlantic? :biggrin: Hint: ME!! That's right, I have the awesome opportunity to be on a KC-130 while it refuels some F-18s over the Atlantic on Friday with Civil Air Patrol. We're flying out with the ANG from Maxwell I believe. I can't wait!! We get to be right in the back of the plane with the boom operators. I'll be sure to get some pictures and video:thumb::thumb:
as stated earlier, i hate you in the most respectable and friendly way possible:unhappy:
One of the big benefits of being a CAP cadet are the incentive rides. Daughter (Potterfan) got several powered and glider flights with CAP. She was able to fly on a Red Flag refueling mission for a flight of F-16's, and during a HH-60 flight over the Nellis range the training flight turned into a real search mission looking for an F-15 canopy that got separated during flight. CAP incentive flights are definetly a big plus:thumb:
Ok, I just noticed that I mistitled this. :p It was a KC-135, not 130. Anyways, today was FREAKING AWESOME!! We flew out of the ANG base in B'ham at around 1030 and returned home at around 1430. We refueled an AWACS that was on a training mission. I got about 45 minutes worth of video, and when I finish editing it all, I'll put it on youtube or something for all of yall to see.