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    I went to my parents this weekend for a family reunion, and grabbed my Swab Summer Running Light (from 2002).

    I'm pretty sure I cracked the Running Light a number of time as a cadet since my 4/c year, generally for stowage, especially before Formal Room and Wing inspections.

    That said, I'm positive I have read it since 2006. So yesterday and a little today I glanced through it. Let me say, if you let some of that Swab Summer experience float to the back of your mind, reading your Running Light will bring it all back.

    For the current cadets, if you still have it, make sure you keep your Running Light in a good, secure space. You're going to have a stressful move out of Chase Hall when you graduate (and the other room moves within your Company). You're going to move to different cities as you transfer from one unit to another. There are plenty of opportunities to lose things like the Running Light. Don't.

    And eventually, when your academy experience begins to fade in your mind, and you've nearly forgotten (luckily) your experience as a Swab.... pull out that Running Light, with all of the hastily scribbled notes about lunch and dinners and rates and ranks, check out the stowage of not only rooms, but individual drawers, and slip back into those bad days of Swabhood. All that sweat and water from your canteen, dirt from the O-Course, Chase Hall dust and tiny particles of wax when you dropped your Running Light in the P-Way and had to ask permission to pick it back up. Your locker combo and cadet ID number and mailbox number and combo.

    I forgot how much detail was in the Running Light, and I was also able to confirm "Academy Goggles" was in our "Cadet Terms" section.

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