Lack of Sports but Good SAT/ACT

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by candidate2014, Nov 22, 2013.

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    I did not realize I wanted to go to a service academy until after attending West Point SLE, so I focused mostly on non athletic and academic activities throughout high school. I was the president of three clubs with one year in student government, and I've done internships at good UCs and Stanford. I've only played one varsity sport (lax) for three years, and one year club. However, my GPA is pretty high 4.48 UW and 3.78 W, and my ACT scores are alright (35 Math 35 Reading 35 English 33 Writing 36 Science).

    Am I still a competitive applicant?
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    I think so. 3 years of a varsity sport ain't too shabby. Too bad I'm not on the Admissions Board, huh?
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    candidate2014, talk with your FFR. They should be able to tell you how competitive you are in your individual district.
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    As I recall, there are points assigned in the various evaluations categories of Scholar, Athlete, Leader. The Leader component could be stronger... the strongest is Class Pres, Team Sport elected captain, Newspaper Editor in Chief, Eagle Scout, and Boy's State Delegate. I'm not sure how much being President of a Club counts, but I suspect not much considering some schools have over 100 clubs, half of which (not yours of course :) ) exist to impress on college applications.

    P.S. Your ACT score will be within the top 10% of current cadets. It is in the top one quarter of one percent of all test takers.
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    You must be taking some VERY difficult classes to have an UW score that is higher than your Weighted score! :biggrin:

    And if those ACT scores are just "alright", I'd hate to see what constitutes good scores.... You should be very proud of scores like that.

    While sports are important, even more important are your scores on the CFA up to par? Since you didn't participate in many sports sometimes physical fitness can be a factor. I'm pretty sure that just one failing event in the CFA would disqualify you from the Academies.

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