LASIK/PRK Question for AROTC Cadet

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by rotc9876, Mar 30, 2015.

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    Currently an MS3 who put in Infantry as number one with a June BOLC date. I was thinking of getting LASIK or PRK this December, which would be 6 months before my BOLC date, considering I get my first choice. Should I go through it before BOLC? PRK or LASIK? Would going to IBOLC have any impact? Who should I be talk to in order to get any waivers? I have very little info. so any info. would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Check it out...When you get eye surgery you will be medically disqualified. Once you wait 6 month after the surgery and are healed then you can request a waiver to become medically qualified with a waiver. You will need to be medically qualified to graduate/commision, so if you have the surgery in December there is no way you will get your waiver in time to commission. It will take 7-9 months from time of surgery with the way the Cadet Command surgeons office is processing things these days.

    Your best bet is to wait to get it done once you are in the Army.

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