Last board AFROTC scholarship offer!


Jun 8, 2016
I was just offered a Type 7 technical scholarship!! I have few questions, but would first like to thank everyone on here helping me along the path. You guys have been such a great help!
1. Now, I need to set up a DODMERB examination right after accepting the offer?
2. If I switch to a 3 year Type 2, can I use the 18K to pay for my 7K yearly tuition and the rest to pay for room and board or is that not how it works?
3. If you guys know, I have to take two seperate aerospace studies classes per semester right? One intro class and one LLab?
Thank you guys for the big help[emoji38][emoji38].
They will contact you with the DoDMERB doctor for your exam. You just set the appointment time and fill out the paperwork.

You can only use any of the scholarships for tuition and certain fees. They do not cut a check back to you. If you read the fine print it says UP TO 18 K, not a flat 18K. Thus, if your tuition is 7K that is what they will pay. The reason many convert from a 7 to a 2 is because under a 7 you can not pay the difference if you owe more than IS tuition, but with a type 2 you can pay the difference if the tuition is more than 18K, which is very common for OOS or private colleges.
~ It is also important to talk to the bursar if the school has given you merit money to see how they will apply the merit and the AFROTC scholarship. Some colleges will take the money from AFROTC 1st and than apply their merit money to the rest of the bill. In that case it may be you can use it to apply to R &B with the merit money from the school. Some colleges will use their merit 1st and apply the AFROTC after that, which means you would not have any money for R & B.
~~ You should also see if your school gives a deduction for R & B if you are a ROTC scholarship recipient. If you do not know, contact the housing dept or the det to see.

Congrats and good luck.