Last Day at Jack's


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May 21, 2008
Well, it looks like most of the Basics have made it through Jack's. Therefor, 1 week from tomorrow and BCT is over with. Not to jinx anyone, but it's looking good for our young Men and Women. (AKA - Our little Babies; boys; girl; sons; daughters). Couldn't be prouder. Doesn't look like there's anything next week that can cause any medical setback injuries. Maybe Hornet or someone can verify that they are basically in good shape here. Anyway, it's exciting. Later... Mike....
They are in good shape if they have made it to here. Next week is just standardization and evaluation stuff with drill practice. They will spend a lot of time in blues I think and shouldn't have a problem. Unfortunately I won't be around for the acceptance day parade, hope no one wants me to pin on their boards!
I was hoping to possibly run into you/meet you when I came down. Oh well, maybe next time. I just received my BIG BAD FEDEX ENVELOPE from the academy today. (50 YARD LINE SEASON FOOTBALL TICKETS). Maybe I'll see you/meet you at one of the games.

For what it's worth; thanks a lot for not only what you've done for my son and me during the last year getting the appointment; but also thank you for your commitment and volunteer service to the Air Force. Later.... Mike.....
Thank you! You've done a lot yourself to inform candidates on CC and here. More people helping the better. I'll probably be an EMT for most games (if not, then I might be marching in Group command positions), so I'll be easy to spot.
Mike: what else is in that envelope besides tickets? Should I be making more bribe items for my postal carrier/fedex/ups friends?

Hornetguy: I echo Christcorp's comments! Your help has been greatly appreciated and I thank you for your commitment to all our kids, and especially, to the AF and to our country. You are a great guy!

Now, go find those twins and take their picture together! :thumb:

Got two letters from the guys this week. One made "expert" (he thinks) on the rifle range! He was very pleased about that. And webguy had a great shot of the lefty fencer. Both are very much looking forward to fencing try-outs, which are scheduled very soon, I think. They had a great time at Jack's!
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No, just my season tickets. I know Jeremy gets a couple of free tickets for every game, but I don't mind supporting the falcons by paying for tickets. Plus, the 50 yard club tickets are some really good seats. I also got 4 tickets to girls vollyball games and 2 for a hockey game. I know Jeremy is excited for football practice to start on the 3rd and for classes to start; but I think I'm more excited about football season. I've been with Jeremy through every football game that he's ever been associated with. I'm glad I can continue on while he's at the academy. Even if as a freshman he never plays; that's OK. And even if he decides next year that he doesn't want to do football and would rather concentrate on school and other things, that's cool too. (Last year freshman at the beginning of season; 60+/- returning sophomores: 28 +/-. But at least for this year I will get to see Jeremy on 6 Saturdays. Then a week after the last game, it's Thanksgiving. So, the fall should be pretty good. Later..... Mike........
Oh! I have to push my green horns of jealousy back down into my skull!!! I won't see mine until T-G after PW. RATS! I am hoping to make it to at least one of their tournaments this year... we'll see!

Got a letter from one of my guys today. He has developed Jack's Hack and is on Ibu + penicillin + some kind of meds which I couldn't read (assuming cough control meds). He thought perhaps he had strep throat too which the peni should take care of soon. Hope he doesn't spread it to the other cadets!:eek:

All in all, my boys LOVED Jack's Valley and most everything they did there. One guy said he didn't get his laundry back and had worn the same ABUs for 6 days. Gross. Other than that, 2nd BCT was like a summer at home for them, without fencing, and with better guns (theirs are airsoft and little varmint guns). haha
Its nice to know they have all made it to this point without problems. :thumb:

Got a letter from the cadet yesterday saying that he loved Jack's and did not want to leave, other than getting his laptop and cell phone in the near future!
My DH asked at the dinner table, "How bad was their childhood here at home if they loved Jack's Valley and felt it was just like their summers at home?" Well, I know they didn't wear their clothes for six days in a row! Still, both are looking forward to fencing this week!
I remember last year when Jeremy went to summer seminar. When they got to be doolie for a day; they started the "Screaming in your face" session. Jeremy just stood there and took it without a flinch. The cadre yelled at him; "It doesn't bother you with my screaming in your face like this???" Jeremy said; "No sir". "Why not?" said the cadre. Jeremy said; "You don't know my father!!!" He said the cadre "TRIED" to hold back a grin.

as far as liking Jack's; I can understand that. Where we live, we do so much camping, hiking, deer/elk/moose hunting. I know that if it's on/in dirt/mud instead of concrete, asphalt, classrooms, etc... Jeremy was probably in HEAVEN. Later... Mike...
Yes, coming from western PA where Deer Season means no school or work for a week, being outside, wet, grimy, sleeping in the tent, was no biggie for my kids. I always wonder how the kids from such locations as New York City deal with the great outdoors - just in general, not even at institutions like AFA. How does a person who has never slept outside under the stars, who has never canoed across a glacier lake, who has never seen a bear or even bear prints or scat, how do they get along when put into the Great Outdoors?

I think it would be much harder for them to learn to survive the wilderness than for an outdoorsman to survive the city.

Now, I think I will go drag the tent out and we will all roast wienies and sleep in the tent tonight!