Last minute medical Waiver...Need some advice on what to do?

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    Dear Friends: need some advice. Here is the history. DS has appointment to USNA class 2018. Originally diagnosed with shin splints, maybe stress injury to one leg, during lacrosse season. X-ray's negative, rested a month, given green light to return. Sent all documentation to USNA.

    Two weeks back to practice felt some pain, MRI showed stress injury (not fracture) Dr. said he sent him back to soon. Rest now for another six weeks and should be good to go with final MRI to confirm the same a week before I-Day. We followed all the rules and sent the updated information to USNA. Got the following back today:

    The Admissions Medical Officer has reviewed the additional medical records that you sent regarding shin splints. We are going to have to process this for a medical waiver. I have also sent all medical records to DoDMERB.
    Your medical status has been changed to "incomplete." This does not affect your offer status at this time.

    We are in completely unfamiliar ground. Ortho surgeon confident that the rest will have it healed completely and taking all measures to ensure that it is but now this. What can or should we do at this juncture since the final exam and MRI isn't until June 23rd?

    Thanks to one and all for your counsel!

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