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    Couple last minute questions as my DD packs for SLE. Earrings? Studs okay or no earrings allowed? Hair? Will girls be expected to bun their hair all week or just a pony? How to wear it to report in? Also, what is the recommended reporting in attire? Pictures from last year showed a bit of variety in women's outfits. If she wears khaki shorts, should she pack an extra pair or count that as one of the recommended 4 pairs of shorts/pants?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Just go with the USMA packing list and you'll be fine. There is no need to back the kitchen sink, you should be able to get everything in one large duffle that she can easily carry as she travels through the airport and walking through WP. Just have all the hair accessories for pony tail or bun. She will need one long sleeve T-shirt and pants when they do field day and going over the obstacles can and will cause scrapes and bruises. The heat and humidity can be uncomfortable if you're not used to that environment. Don't expect too many phone calls, she'll be busy having fun. She will be well taken care of and her safety will be WP first concern.

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