Leadership Challenges


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Sep 5, 2006
I am a candidate for USAFA. I think that I am well qualified except for leadership activities. It's not that I am not a leader, it's just that my school (Catholic, college prep, very cometitive) doesn't elect team captains for athletics, or class officers. Each class gets a certain amount of representatives to the student government (I have been on student gov. all 4 years), but noone is above anyone else. I will have 10 varsity letters at graduation (4 in track 3 football 3 powerlifting) and a whole list of athletic acheivments, but no captainships, which I hear are very important. IN case you think I am a dumb jock, I also have ACT scores of 36 Science, 35 math 34 english, 28 reading and 33 composite. 3.7 UW grade point, no class ranking, but I am sure top 10%. I will have 6 AP classes on graduating, and some honors classes. Will no captainships hurt me a lot? Who do I explain this all to, my ALO?
Well, if you have been involved in student government, that does help. Do you have any leadership in clubs, church, etc? (Ever think about starting a club?)

Were you in Scouts or any program with youth leadership?

You should explain your situation to your ALO and at any nominations interviews. Of course, do not try to make it sound like an excuse, just an explanation.

With high grades/test scores and lots of athletics, you still stand a good chance. You do not have to be perfect in everything, just really good at a lot of things.

I'm not an expert, so talk with your ALO. They should know better than I do.

Right from the web site:

Extracurricular Composite

This score measures your activities (athletic and nonathletic) in high school, community service and work. Low participation in sanctioned or high school athletic and nonathletic extracurricular activities may result in a disqualifying extracurricular composite score. However, consideration will be given to candidates from schools that do not offer typical athletic and extracurricular activities, as well as to candidates who work after school. Special consideration is always given to unusual accomplishments either in or out of school. Be sure the Admissions Office knows of your successes.