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    How large of a factor is demonstrated leadership skills and potential? I have an okay GPA (3.3 UW) and I attend a college-prep high school. I have many leadership awards such as Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow (Boy Scout's Honor Society), and a National Youth Leadership Training Graduate and Staff Member. I also have held positions in Boy Scouts such as Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, Senior Patrol Leader, and Patrol Leaders. In Sea Scouts, I have held the positions of Crew Leader (Leads 6-7 crewmen), Yeoman (Admin Officer) and Boatswain's Mate (Second in Youth Chain of Command). I also sailed onboard USCGC Eagle for a week through Sea Scouts. In Order of the Arrow, I was a Chapter Vice Chief (Helps oversee Order of the Arrow Activities for three cities), and I helped organize registration for an event that had attendees from all over Northern California and Nevada. In School I am a Peer Helper and I am the Vice President of Aviation Club.

    I look forward to hearing everyone's input!
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    Your leadership stats look good. You didn't mention test scores which are important. Also, I'd work on bringing up your GPA a bit.

    Best of luck to you!

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