Leadership? Interesting?


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Nov 13, 2008

the only thing I'm worried about for noms & the appointment (apart from grades of course), is the leadership I have.

Currently, I am co-captain of a Latin Formation Dance Team that competes on a national level - Nationals on June 13th 2009 :biggrin:.
We are also competing in an international tourney in Hungary in a few months.
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formation_dance .... though if anyone can speak German, there is muuuuuch more info there; here's a picture - though not of me: http://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php..._cteam_2007).jpg&filetimestamp=20070612134101)

I am also a core member/representative for our Peer Counselling Club - which means I counsel, tutor and mentor kids in Grades 6-12.

Oh and I was on the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Team at my school sophomore year - the one year I was in the States so the one year I had the opportunity.
Though Junior year I did travel to the Paris MUN last Nov/Dec as a Delegate in the Political Committee.

And another thing. Civilian unis like their students to be 'interesting'. I'm assuming the SAs do too?
For example, I speak 3 languages (English, German & Spanish) at home daily -- what I say something in depends on what language I remember the appropriate words in :rolleyes:; and my mum and I also speak French together when we want to practice.
I've also been selected to dance in concert for the Dutch violinist Andre Rieu, and have danced for him in Vienna, Arnheim, Amsterdam and Paris -- 'team'; in addition I've been selected to 'open' some of the most prestigious Viennese balls, such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's, as a Debutante -- pair.

I've moved 8 times and attended 6 (?) schools so far, and in two different languages too :biggrin: (English and German). [Not boasting, just proud :smile: It never sounds interesting to me but when one writes it, it looks kinda cool :shake:]
(Because of this I don't have a single activity that I've done throughout the whole 4yrs of high school except figure skating).

Is any of the last bit going to make any Admissions person at the Academy go "oooooh"? :wink:
Does this fall under the 'academic' category or what??

Rereading, my main question really is:
How's my Leadership component looking??
What else could I do?

Personally I think you are OK on leadership. Slightly different catagories than typical, but still leadership. You have a facinating background, the issue is how to present your strengths in very concise terms without getting wordy. My point being that in looking at any type of application, most screeners give each individual application about 15 seconds of attention and make a decision as to how to do the inital sorting process.

My suggestion if you have not already done so is to put together a resume, using a bulletized format for Academics, leadership, etc. That format forces you to be concise yet cover the most important topics.

While you still have time to get the academy application in, how are you covering the congressional niminations and the DODMERB portions? Most MOC require that applicants have their applications in by Oct. /Nov. timeframe.
MOC was due today and I faxed it in on Friday, so I'm good there. I bullet-pointed ECAs, but not my history.
Should I do that? Saying where I've lived and so on? For USNA as well?
There isn't really a place to add in that sort of information. :confused: Because it seems to me I'd just be sending in a random resume :confused:

Thanks for the help!
Sounds as if you have your bases covered. It's been 2 years since my D. applied but as I recall there was a spot on the application where it was a generic field that asked for academic accomplishments etc. A concise bulleted resume gives a lot of data about you that you would not normally think to put into an application. These are just some suggestions and not absolutes.

If you have managed to convery 75% of your qualifactions and enthusiasm in you applications as you have in these posts your chances are good. Best of luck!
Now that I've sent everything in (on Friday) I feel like I wrote my essays all wrong, didn't put enough information down, etc :frown:
I tried to put my excitement into the app, but it's kind of hard! I think they make it as disconcerting as possible :frown:

What if I hinted at the stuff - where I've lived, the concerts, the balls?
I guess if I calm down and think about it I put everything in. But just the fact that it was spread out over the whole application, and not say in the bullet-point form you suggest, I keep thinking I forgot something! :eek:

THANK YOU!! :shake:
Everyone feels the same. Have faith. Also, since the application is online, is it closed out so that you can not change anything or is it still open?

Also, I believe you submitted 3 letters of reccomendation with your USNA application. You can submit up to 2 addtional letters if you send them to your regional liason officer at the academy. With your travel background and living in mutiple countries, you should have a couple of interesting people that could write you some killer letters of reccomendation. Just a thought.
Closed :(
I already felt like an idiot emailing my RD 4 hours later with corrections on ECAs that I had simply forgotten to mention :eek::eek::eek:

Really? Interesting! I have no idea who I'd ask though...
Very intriguing thought, thank you!

I helped with my daughter's application and a couple of months later we looked at it again (printed it out, Thank the Lord) and realized we had missed so much. :thumbdown: Someone could make a lot of money being an academy application consultant. We have sent in updates to the Naval Academy Admissions office, but I am always nervous that these updates accidentally get overlooked. Oh well, there is nothing that can be done now but wait. We even forgot to mention that she was commanding officer of her JROTC unit...that is a BIG oversight. We checked that she was the president of a school club but being commander is a little bit more than just that. Good luck.
Yeah, I know how you feel!
I missed the whole part of becoming a Junior Lifeguard at the youngest age possible in England (14) and getting a Sailing Liscense when I was 15!!
Not as important as Commander of JROTC, but still quite important if you thinks about the whole thing that I want to spend my life on a boat! :rolleyes:

Thank you!! And to your daughter to - has she heard anything back yet?
Again, have faith...... If your applications are closed and can't be changed or updated then ya go with what you got.

On a sperate note. I would suggest you contact your RD and schedule a candidate vist for early spring. It is one thing to wish for something so hard and if you get it, sometimes the reality of getting does not match up to what you thought it was. Especially for females USNA is a hard place, it's a place you really need to confirm your desire to be there is genuine, if you want to survive that first year.