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    I am currently in the process of applying for West Point class of 2018 and I have a question regarding leadership. I know there are obviously the traditional positions (NHS president, team captain, etc.) but how does an applicant prove their leadership to West Point in other positions? For example, I am a Peer Listener at my school, which is a group of about the top 15% of the senior class who organizes religious activities for the students. Now this is considered an honor at my school, but of course nobody at West Point knows that. So what is the best way for me to validate this leadership to West Point so that my WCS is true to who I am? I know applicants can upload documents like letters of recommendation, so I am sure I could try that if all else fails. Just curious if anyone has had any experience with this, Thank You!
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    Once you finish your application in the late summer/fall (depending on when they allow you to begin it this summer or fall, no more than 60 days after you are allowed to begin the app) submit a professional (i.e. one page) resume to your regional admissions officer or outreach officer detailing your high school career.

    Focus on areas that you do not feel were covered on your West Point application.

    Remember, each regional admissions officer has to evaluate thousands of files multiple time throughout the year (some files are looked at once and closed, some looked at 10s of times and kept open for further action) so keep your document to one page and professional to ensure that the admissions officer has a clear understanding of your high school activities.

    Good luck!

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