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    Hello everyone,
    I am currently a sophomore in high school and I am incredibly interested in attending the USAFA. I am a good student in the full IB program and a dedicated football player. My only problem is leadership. I live in Breckenridge, CO, a very small town without any opportunities for things like CAP or JROTC. I know leadership is a HUGE factor when it comes to getting an appointment but the only thing I can think of is student council. Does anyone know if admissions looks at student council as a good leadership position? Or does anyone have any ideas for leadership? I feel disadvantaged and I really need to make up for it.
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    Student council is a good place to start. You could also start your own club at school. It should be something you have passion about, not something just to look good on an application. My son was President of the future Aviators Club at his high school. Being a captain of the football team would be great, too. If you have a job, strive to become a shift leader.

    You could also show leadership by organizing a charity event such as a blood drive, Boys and Girls Club fundraiser, volunteer drive for Habitat for Humanity, etc. You have lots of opportunities if you look for them. You might want to contact the local service clubs (Lions, Rotary, etc.) and see what opportunities they can offer you. You'll make great contacts that way as well.

    You could also let your Guidance Counselor know that you're interested in Boys State during the summer after your junior year. (AFA likes Boys State.) Just make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.

    Good luck! :thumb:

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