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    Hello everyone-

    To achieve my goal of becoming a Marine officer, I know that the leadership side of my persona needs some improvement. The only 'official' leadership I have held to this point (sophomore year) is team co-captain of the varsity cross country team.

    As team co-captain me and my classmate explained the routes we would run, showed the freshmen and new members how to safely and properly work out in the weight room, walked the team through the course prior to a meet, and led pre-meet prayers.

    Recently, someone we are aquainted with suffered a brain aneurysm. They are currently in a coma far away from home and it will be a long road to recovery. The costs are expected to be extensive.

    My question is this: would organizing a 5-k be a good example of leadership? With the help of my friends and other adults, I am planning to organize a 5-k run/walk and 1-mile fun run, with half of the profits going to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation and the other half going to the family to help cover medical costs. We plan on keeping nothing.

    Would this be a good example of leadership? And does anyone have any advice on planning such an event? Any help is much appreciated!
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    That is definitely a good idea. It is also something you can bring up during your interviews at the ROTC programs, as it shows good morals and ethics. Even if it wasn't seen as a leadership role (which I think it definitely it), it could be seen as a community service opportunity.
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    I agree.
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    Yes - that would be a good example of leadership.

    Don't get hung up on leadership titles. Leadership can be demonstrated via class officer, clubs, team captain, work (trainer, manager, etc), volunteer work, curch activities, awards, honors, etc. Starting an organization, fund raiser, etc would be good on a number of levels. The best way of thinking about USMC leadership? Research the 14 USMC Leadership traits and the USMC Leadership principles. Focus your personal development with these in mind.

    You are just a sophomore. Do some research on the NROTC scholarship application. Can't remember if you can see it without opening a file but try Google.
    This will give you a sense of boxes you can check and also the essay questions you can use to present yourself in the best light.

    Best wishes to you and your family friend.
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    It can't hurt and I really don't know how much it helped in the big picture but my daughters senior year, she organized a field hockey tournament to benefit breast cancer. They ended up raising almost $3000 at the 1st tournament in 2010. My daughter ended up getting a 4 year AROTC scholarship for nursing.

    As a sidenote, that tournament has blown it's top and teams now come from all over and they raised over $20,000 this past year!! Maybe your 5K can turn into an annual event as well.
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    I know everyone's application has its own strengths and weaknesses. My DS received the sideload scholarship, Marine option, so they had more than just the strength of his paperwork to judge him by since it was given to him after he had completed one full year there. Just saying that his leadership experience was limited to being team captain of the football and track for the discuss. He did not participate in any school clubs or hold any school positions or have any community leadership. He worked at McDonald's for a few years.

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