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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by blackhawkmom, Sep 26, 2010.

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    If I am not mistaken liberty means you can go off campus and leave means you can go home. The weekend they are thinking they get 2 nights off is Columbus Day weekend. Is it leave or liberty---we are trying to decide if we can go get DS and if it will be worth it or not time wise.
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    Starting with the caveat that things have probably changed since my day . . . if your DS has a "weekend" (meaning he's a youngster or more senior), I THINK he can go as far as he's comfortable with. In my day, you didn't have to fill out a leave chit for WEs but you did have to sign up and provide an address and phone number where you could be contacted. People took WEs after football games in NY and Philly.

    If I were you or your DS, I wouldn't pick anyplace that is more than a couple of hours away (car or train). It's not the time to fly anywhere (even if you're technically allowed to) -- save that for Thanksgiving. Unlike leave, USNA is much less forgiving if you show up late on your return, which is a distinct possibility if you travel far.

    My parents lived about 50 miles away and I typically went home on long WEs. If you live further away and want to see your DS, I suggest YOU fly or drive to Annapolis or the vicinity (i.e., Baltimore, Washington, DC, etc.).
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    blackhawkmom - assuming that your DS is a Plebe, otherwise you probably wouldn't be unsure, my understanding from my Plebe is that the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend is treated like a normal two-day weekend Saturday and Monday is treated as if it were a Sunday. I think that means that Plebes have normal liberty Saturday - 1200 - 0100 Sunday, liberty from 0800 - 2400 or 0100 Monday, then yard liberty on Monday. However, I also understand that Plebes were granted an 'overnight' to use this semester. Not sure of the details, but apparently some high-ranking official attended a function at the academy and granted the overnight. It is up to the Plebe to request when they want to take the overnight, so I suggest that it is your DS who is in the best position to answer your question. Our family is treating it like a fall PPW!

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