Leaving USAFA

Attitude is the key. During my Navy career I encountered about half a dozen enlisted personnel who had left USNA, for various reasons.

The best were those who took the approach “thrive where planted.” They were good Sailors, excelled at their jobs, had positive, professional attitudes, and did not speak disparagingly about USNA (at least in my hearing). They looked forward, not back.

The ones I did not care for were bitter, sullen, massive chip on shoulder, took no responsibility for their actions and did the minimum to get by. We were always given a heads-up by the Navy personnel command on when we were getting enlisted Sailors with this background. One poisonous attitude can rot the work unit if unchecked.

That’s a few steps further down the road than actual transition from USAFA to enlisted career track.

Just...be your best self in every situation.
I think I only knew one cadet that left by choice to re-enlist. It's not exactly common. Getting kicked out during the last two years, and being required to serve in an enlisted role is a little more common, but still rare. (Often, if you get expelled from USAFA, the AF doesn't want you at all.)