Letter of Acknowledgment - Colorblindness

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by thamm819, Mar 24, 2017.

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    Jan 18, 2017
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    I was granted a waiver for colorblindness, thus cannot commission into unrestricted line Navy. My portal uploaded and showed my appointment a few days after a letter of acknowledgement came in the main saying I have to commission into restricted line Navy or MC. Question is, returning this letter is not my accepting my appointment correct? It said nothing about the appointment on the letter, and also have not received a BFE in the mail yet. The reason I ask this is that I have accepted an appointment to USMA, so I cannot accept my offer to USNA, but would like to receive the BFE. Also, should I be expecting the BFE soon since the portal has showed the appointment for a few days?
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    I sent in the same letter and I got my appointment 3 weeks later. You aren't accepting it because I still had go to into my portal to do it when I accepted my appointment
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    My DS's BFE from Navy came about 10 days after the appointment email came and his portal changed. My DS chose USNA but the West Point BFE was much nicer than Navy's and USAFA didn't even have a BFE. Just an email. Good luck at USMA
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    @thamm819, based on what you wrote above, you need to

    1. acknowledge limitations to your commission with the waiver, and
    2. you could choose to accept the usna appointment

    You could do so and then inform WP your decision. BFE (the nice padded folder with the certificate of appointment inside) should be on its way regardless of accepting or not on the portal. Best wishes in making your decision and beyond!