Letter of Recommendation Decision...Advice?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by WranglerPLF, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    I am from Texas and I will be submitting my application to my district's Congressional Representative sometime within the next week or two. I have nearly everything done, minus a decision on a letter of recommendation to place in the application.

    My school has recently started an NJROTC unit, and I am already heavily involved. My Commander is really trying to help me get everything done and is very supportive. He has been on several Academy selection boards for Congressmen in the past, so I take his advice very seriously. I am also involved in a course called "Independent Study Mentorship" in which I study a career with a local professional, and create some sort of product that culminates my research. This past year, due to studying Aerospace Engineering, I constructed a wing and performed calculations regarding its material mechanics.

    So, my Commander feels that at least one of my letters should be from a math teacher who knows me well. On the contrary, I feel that the letter I received from my ISM mentor would be more beneficial. In my own opinion, the engineering I performed on the wing displayed my math proficiency, AND more.

    This is the crux of my dilemma, however. Should I follow the advice of my Academy experienced Commander, or go with my ISM letter? Any advice or insight on this matter would be more than appreciated.

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    When I was trying to narrow down which letter of Recommendation to submit to USNA in my package, multiple people told me submit both/all. I did because it shows that these people all get different views of me from my different aspects; work, personal, religious, etc. It's all very good and I don't think someone's going to get angry that you did well in two different areas and people wrote about you for this. I wouldn't sweat it and don't just try to please others. Good luck!

    Semper Fi,
    Lance Coolie:yllol:
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    What are the instructions from the MOC? It is true that USNA accepts additional Letters of Rec. However, not all MOCs will and, in some cases, if you fail to follow instructions, your nom package will be thrown out.

    Each MOC likely has different instructions/requirements. If the MOC says to provide a math teacher rec, then do that. If they allow you to pick any 2 people for recs, pick two people who know you well and can comment on different aspects of your life/performance. If the MOC says to send "only 2 letters," do not send 3.

    As between the two individuals you cited, if there is no instruction/guidance from the MOC, it's really up to you. Again, pick recommenders who personally know you well and who know you in different circumstances. For example, when I applied (years ago, I know), one of my letters came from an employer for whom I'd worked for two years. The other came from a teacher.

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