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    I am a pretty slightly above average student with the typical math and coach recommendations. Although, a long time role model and friend that I’ve known for 10 years wrote my third phenomenal letter of recommendation for the MOCs. He is a decorated Navy Seal. Do you think it would carry any extra weight? If so, how much?

    Thank you.
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    It cannot hurt. It will help but it's only one more piece of data. It will NOT earn you a nom unless the other needed attributes are also there. Of course, it also depends on what's in the letter and how well he knows you. Bottom line - you cannot rely on the letter to get you a nomination.
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    Every MOC is different. In most cases, they use interview panels to evaluate candidates and they too differ greatly.
    I certainly can't tell you how yours will work but I can tell you how the panels that I have been on would see it. The recommendation
    letter would get noticed and could be a tie-breaker but the overall weight of grades and test scores might be a huge barrier for you.
    I really don't know what "slightly above average student" means as it is very dependent on the school district/population that you're
    comparing yourself to. From doing literally thousands of interviews over the past 27 yrs, a "slightly above average" academy hopeful
    TO ME is a student with well over 1350 on the SAT and 3.8 unweighted GPA. In contrast, an above average student at the High School that
    I attended would have above an 850 SAT (yes I'm serious) and about a 3.0 GPA. My latter case would not be competitive in most districts even
    if they had multiple letters of recommendation from Medal of Honor recipients.
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