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    I have been trying to make time to report on the second half of the PLC program having witnessed (via mail and Graduation) the six weeks of Echo Company, 3rd Platoon 1st Increment, Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. Reading Pima's dislike of the Marine 105's making living around Quantico "annoying" pushed me over the edge! Quick note: At the Graduation Ceremony on July 3rd, OCS honored the guest speaker with a 14 gun salute. I chuckled the entire time watching folks come out of their skins with every report from the guns (cannon?). Even at half load blanks, they make a racket!

    Summer began this year on May 21st with a flight down to DC and a bus ride to Quantico. DH met up with a few of his pals from last year and that provided a great support group for each to draw strength from. Unlike last year's steady upward climb, the PLC Seniors went from 0 to full throttle in three days! Pick up was on Thursday the 21st and by Sunday the 30th they were out on their first FEX (Field Excercise).

    The heat and humidity was classic. High temps and very high humidity. The Black Flag was out by 1000 hours every day. The solution=Start the day at 0300! This year there was much less classroom and much more practical.

    Week four brought the final FEX that started on Sunday night and lasted through Thursday night. Average sleep was less than 5 hours, TOTAL for the four days! Week five and six bought the final competitions and rated events. Echo 3 was at the top of the heap! They had more top 10% graduates and any other company (ever), Won every compitition. Scored the highest of any Company ever in drill (with 3rd Platoon being the best of the best).

    Mom and Dad were very impressed with the entire Platoon. We met a lot of the parents of the "orphans" we helped last year and were amazed with how much each of the MEN had changed. The "boys" had not only gutted up to make a trip back to Q'town for another 6 weeks of hell, every one couldn't wait to get back to their OSO's Office(Officer Selection Officer) to get the ton of paperwork started so they could schedule their Commissioning! These kids are a very special bunch. Very high character with a single focus to lead Marines.

    They aren't Candidates any more but they're not yet Lieutenants either.


    The path was different than expected. The result the same...
    2ndLt. of Marines! OOORAH!!!​

    One very proud Pop,​

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    SubSquid - My Congratulations to your and your son!!
    That went quick! I am thrilled for you all! :thumb:
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    Congrats! I hope to be in Quantico in 4 years for OCS

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