Life at USNA?

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    I was wondering what daily life at USNA is like and how midshipmen manage their time. What is a typical daily schedule and how much homework do they usually get? How much sleep do they typically get each night and how often do they have sports practice/time to be involved in extracurricular activities? Any information will help thanks!
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    If you haven't done this already, go to, read every drop down and follow every link.

    Daily sked: see above
    Homework: Demanding college-level schedule. You get a syllabus, you attend class, you deliver the work.
    Sports: You will do varsity, club or intramural at designated sports periods and practice times. Time invested depends on what level of sport, in/out of season.
    ECAs: Mids with a good grasp on their time management find the time to participate. There are all kinds of ECAs.
    Sleep: Again, much will depend on time management skills, level of sports involvement, major, course load, personal discipline.
    What will be unfamiliar will be the time invested in military development activities: watch-standing, parade practice, parades, plebe pro dev work, leadership roles, and many more.
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    From a 2013 ESPN video:
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    This might be a good question to post in the "ask a plebe" might only give you their point of view as a plebe (although, some might be able to comment on their upperclass). Coupled with the two posts above, it might give you some better insight into MIDN life.
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    It really depends on the day. Some days where you have a full schedule of 6 classes will feel crazy, and like you dont have enough time. Other days, you only have two classes, and all of a sudden have hours of free time to basically do whatever you want. It's only been 1.5 weeks, but most nights I haven't gotten more than 6-6.5 hours. Sundays are nice though, because you can essentially sleep in/lie in your rack until 1 p.m.