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Apr 2, 2016
I was wondering what daily life at USNA is like and how midshipmen manage their time. What is a typical daily schedule and how much homework do they usually get? How much sleep do they typically get each night and how often do they have sports practice/time to be involved in extracurricular activities? Any information will help thanks!

If you haven't done this already, go to, read every drop down and follow every link.

Daily sked: see above
Homework: Demanding college-level schedule. You get a syllabus, you attend class, you deliver the work.
Sports: You will do varsity, club or intramural at designated sports periods and practice times. Time invested depends on what level of sport, in/out of season.
ECAs: Mids with a good grasp on their time management find the time to participate. There are all kinds of ECAs.
Sleep: Again, much will depend on time management skills, level of sports involvement, major, course load, personal discipline.
What will be unfamiliar will be the time invested in military development activities: watch-standing, parade practice, parades, plebe pro dev work, leadership roles, and many more.
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This might be a good question to post in the "ask a plebe" might only give you their point of view as a plebe (although, some might be able to comment on their upperclass). Coupled with the two posts above, it might give you some better insight into MIDN life.
It really depends on the day. Some days where you have a full schedule of 6 classes will feel crazy, and like you dont have enough time. Other days, you only have two classes, and all of a sudden have hours of free time to basically do whatever you want. It's only been 1.5 weeks, but most nights I haven't gotten more than 6-6.5 hours. Sundays are nice though, because you can essentially sleep in/lie in your rack until 1 p.m.