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    I know that most of you know this, but here are some odd/unique words and phrases you might hear in USAFA discussions.

    "the Zoo" or "Blue Zoo"-US Air Force Academy. Comes from the feeling you get when you see tourists looking over the Chapel wall at you.

    "Mitch's"-Mitchel Hall (mess hall)

    "Vandy" or "Sijan"-the two dormatories (Vandenburg and Sijan Halls)

    "A-hall"-Arnold Hall (cadet recreation building.)

    "Beast"-BCT, basic cadet training

    "Doolie", "4 degree", "4dig", "Smack"-4th Classmen (Freshmen)

    "Firstie" 1st Class Cadet (seniors)

    "Cadre"-upperclassmen who run BCT

    "Spirit Mission"-funny pranks usually done by 4th classmen

    "ALO"-Academy Liason Officer, the officer who helps prospective students, point of contact for admissions

    "Recognition"-3 day event in the spring where 4th class cadets earn their prop and wings

    "Prop and Wings"-metal pin worn on the flight cap to show "upperclass" status as a cadet.

    Anyone have any others to contribute or ask?
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