Lingo at USAFA


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Jun 9, 2006
I know that most of you know this, but here are some odd/unique words and phrases you might hear in USAFA discussions.

"the Zoo" or "Blue Zoo"-US Air Force Academy. Comes from the feeling you get when you see tourists looking over the Chapel wall at you.

"Mitch's"-Mitchel Hall (mess hall)

"Vandy" or "Sijan"-the two dormatories (Vandenburg and Sijan Halls)

"A-hall"-Arnold Hall (cadet recreation building.)

"Beast"-BCT, basic cadet training

"Doolie", "4 degree", "4dig", "Smack"-4th Classmen (Freshmen)

"Firstie" 1st Class Cadet (seniors)

"Cadre"-upperclassmen who run BCT

"Spirit Mission"-funny pranks usually done by 4th classmen

"ALO"-Academy Liason Officer, the officer who helps prospective students, point of contact for admissions

"Recognition"-3 day event in the spring where 4th class cadets earn their prop and wings

"Prop and Wings"-metal pin worn on the flight cap to show "upperclass" status as a cadet.

Anyone have any others to contribute or ask?
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Sijanistan is another term for sijan. Stillman for stillman parade field. Tzo for terrazzo. And about the zoo it is the most weirdest thing ever to just have some random people watching run the strips on an otherwise empty tzo on a Saturday
Amazing to me that I knew none of these four years ago. Today, I have heard and understand them all. Can’t wait to see what the world holds for my son in the future. I love knowing he loves where he’s at and is really thriving.
Holy zombies! The dust cloud coming off that thread. And @raimius is still hanging in.
"ALO"-Academy Liason Officer, the officer who helps prospective students, point of contact for admissions

Incorrect...surprised I missed it back...wait, I hadn't found SAF then.

ALO - Admission Liaison Officer

"3 Bears"- 3 hills at the base of Eagles Peak which become subsequently longer, higher and steeper; the location of a coveted training session that doolies must earn (and sometimes don't complete until Rec); a place where doolie quads turn to iron
Spoon(s) - Cadets yell this at football games while raising their spoons. (Not allowed to boo, but "spoooooooooooons" sounds similar enough...)
GR - Graded Review - basically an exam.
ACQ: Academic call to quarters - This occurs at 19:50 and means that doolies can close their doors and no longer have to be in UOD (Uniform of the Day)

RO: Routine order - This is sent out via email every day and details the UOD, days until commissioning, days until ring dance, days until commitment, days until recognition, the meals for the day, and the daily schedule.

Ace (My favorite) - This title is given to a cadet who, as a doolie, runs through the Air Gardens in the five main uniforms (Blues, OCP's, Flight suit, Service dress, and Shower gear).