Live Link to bell ringing

Just got my call! Son rang the bell! :thumb::biggrin: What a great feeling!
I got the call - was in a meeting so I did not see it; wife did though. He was fired up on the call - he sent me a pic. long four year journey - graduation will be a hoot.
My son was out there also. It was so washed out we couldn't tell it was him. He says he has pictures he will send. He better.
They DEF needed to put sunglasses on the webcam !

I think I saw people moving, since sometimes the bright green was blocked out... and i heard a bell ring :)
hope the photographer off to the right side will be publishing those dang things!
I got a call and it sounds like the party has started:beer1:
At the end they all stood together by the bell and cheered! What a great moment! I hope someone posts some good pics. Web cam needed a filter or something.
Congratulations to all the parents of 2011, you are officially survivors!!
And a bigger congratulations to your offspring in the Class of 2011 who rang the bell!!:yllol::yllol::yllol::yllol::yllol::yllol: