LOA / appoinment


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Feb 12, 2008
Quick question..
On the DoDMERB website if it states NALOA (letter of assurance - right?) under subagency.
and you recieve a letter with offer of appoinment, is that they same thing or are they two different things?
Adding to the mix is a DQ medical waiver on the letter for appoinment..the NALOA is not stating that has been waived, right?
Trying to get the lingo down....
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Dodmerb also had NALOA subagency under my file. I called admissions and was told that I was scholastically qualified, but that I needed to get my medical waiver completed (seeing an allergist this Friday). Along the same line of questioning, does this basically mean I get my waiver and I am good to go. The women at the admissions office was vague about it, but her exact words were "get your waiver in and you will be hearing some good news." Also, anyone know the level of competition among those with SECNAV nominations? Thanks in advance for any ideas or thoughts.