LOA for USNA, Nomination for USAFA?


Apr 3, 2016
Just received word that my Congressman nominated me for the United States Air Force Academy! While I'm extremely grateful and excited, USNA will always be my first choice.

Is this a common occurrence in the nomination process? And is there any way I can go about seeing if I can get the nomination exchanged?
Contact your congressman's office and ask. I was almost nominated for a different academy than USNA, even though I had an LOA too, and I just asked my congressman's office to switch it and they were able to.
Ask politely, but prepare for the worst (sorry but no). However, a "no" today may still get changed in a few month depends on admissions situation.

I know a Navy Lieutenant from Colorado who graduated from USNA. All he wanted was attending USAFA. They only nominated him for USNA, and didn't change it even he pleaded. Fast forward, he is loving it as a naval aviator!

Best of luck!
Update: Turns out I got double nominated, one for USAFA and one for USNA! My congressman pulled me out of class to tell me that I secured an appointment to USAFA! And with an LOA and a nomination to USNA, I assume a Navy appointment is also on the way?
Assuming you are qualified in all areas, the appointment should be on its way as early as next week. Congrats!