That’s amazing! Do you mind sharing your stats?
Class Rank 2/205
3 sport All District Honors for All 3 years
3 Sport Captain
Semper Fi All American
National Female Athlete of The Year
Student Body Pres
District Beta Club Pres

Very Similar to a lot of Candidates I know being female is a big factor
Woke up this morning to an LOA pending nomination. So excited!
Congratulations, that's 2 for you!
Actually 3 this week. It has been overwhelming. USNA is currently still my first choice and as luck would have it no LOA from them. But I would be honored to attend any Academy and I know I am blessed to be in my situation. I feel like I am bragging and I am not trying to, just my friends do not understand the difficulty of getting into an service academy, and I feel like this board is the only place where people can relate. So thanks for indulging my excitement.
You'll never know! On this forum, it is not uncommon if you see a comment, " it's not over until it's over."
I received an email, then it showed on my portal. In stead of saying application competitive it shows LOA.