Congratulations! I wonder what you were worried about? :wink:

So, what's next? Will you be in the class of 2013?
Woo hoo!!! Congrats!!! Get on that DodMerb, keep up your grades, and who knows, Santa may have an appointment for you before Christmas!!

thanks! this site has been so tremendously helpful! i appreciate all of yall's help and advice

now my biggest hurdle is getting past an asthma DQ...fun.
Congratulations! :thumb: Thinking good thoughts that you now will fly over those DoDMERB asthma hurdles!! Hope to see you in the Class of 2013 -keep us posted!
Congratulations etaylor 2013:groupwave:. That is awesome news!
As etaylor2013 will tell you, I have coordinated very close with her on a private basis to get her to this point. While there is an issue to be overcome, the issue is up for medcial waiver consideration.
etaylor - I wish you the best. My daughter was confronted with a history of asthma dq as well - I don't think we could have navigated it with out the help and advice from RetNavyHM -
I am sure Larry Mullen will make sure you get a fair shot! Good Luck!