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Aug 15, 2006
We are awaiting our son’s DODmerb results and are not sure where to find them. On the dodmets.com site it says “Date of Submitted to DODMERB - Case Closed 8/1/06”. Does that mean all our paper work is in? On the https://dodmerb.tricare.osd.mil/ site it says it has not yet received our application. Are there really two sites or is one more accurate than the other? Thanks.

Before the ink was dry on my first posting I checked on the https://dodmerb.tricare.osd.mil/ site and the results were there. This is what they said:

Current Medical Status: Remedial Requested

R251.23 - Birth-to-present medical health records
R252.10 - DD Form 2382, Statement of History Regarding Allergies

Since we are now in a waiting mode, I have a question about the necessity of finding all the medical records. We recorded that our son had asthma at 2 years old but we will be hard-pressed to find the medical records. We have medical records for the past seven years. We lived overseas for five years(non-military). How important is it to try to find all his medical records around the world?

DoDMERB would like to see all the medical records. They do understand that people move, if the parents were prior or current military that medical records get misplaced (all the reviewers at DoDMERB right now have at one time or another worked in a medical records department), physicians retire, medical practices go out of business, etc. Gather all the medical records that you can, and attach a letter explaining why there are missing records. In the explanation give the age of your son at the time, i.e. age 4-8 can not locate physician. For asthma, DoDMERB really wants to look at the medical records from age 10 on, so records prior to that may give some insight into your sons medical history, but the most telling is really from age 10 on.

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let me know!

This is probably routine but they sent the results with the paragraph stating:

"Please do NOT Complete the additional tests, evaluations, or requests for additional information (codes that begin with "R") unless directed to do so by DoDMERB. If a medical waiver is granted, DoDMERB will request you complete these at that time. If a medical waiver is not granted, DoDMERB will not require these results or information. Completion prior to that "may" result in unnecessary expenses and infringement on your time."

Is there any estimate when or if a medical waiver will be granted? Is there a chance one will never come or will they let us know one way or another?


Ignore that statement, since your son is currently in a "remedial requested" status he is not disqualified. DoDMERB was supposed to remove that statement from the web page for applicants that are not disqualified, don't know what happened there. But as long as his status stays "remedial requested" you need to get the additional information. DoDMERB will be sending your son a letter requesting the remedials. Also, if you want, you can download the allergy questionnaire off the DoDMERB web site. You'll find for "forms" on the left hand side of the main page where you can download the allergy questionnaire.

Thanks. We can't imagine navigating this process without the great resource you have been.


We received this information today. Our son had one case of wheezing at 13 yrs old due to bronchitis. Is this a show stopper?

Current Medical Status: Pending Waiver Submission/Review
R250.10 - Pending waiver review by USNA
R252.10 - DD Form 2382, Statement of History Regarding Allergies
D241.30 - Asthma/reactive airway disease/exercise induced bronchospasm after age 13


Waivers can be granted for a history of asthma/reactive airway disease. Apparently the physician at DoDMERB say something in the medical records that met the requirements for a disqualification. You do have 2 options, first is to wait for the waiver authority to come back with a waiver decision, that can take 4-8 weeks, and the wavier is dependent on the history, when the last time any medication was prescribed and when the last symptoms were.

Second option is a rebuttal, if you feel that DoDMERB has made an error. It would be up to you to prove that your son does not meet the criteria of the disqualification, mainly that you son has had no episodes of asthma, reactive airway disease, exercise induced bronchospasm, or has taken any type of inhaled or oral medication used for the treatment of the above since his 13th birthday. If your son has had any of that since his 13th birthday, a rebuttal will be unsuccessful.

If you haven't already, I would have your son write a letter for the waiver authorities that gives his history concerning this disqualification, as well as when the last time he took any medication and what activities he currently participates in (both organized and unorganized). The waiver authorities have a lot more latitude than DoDMERB when it comes to disqualifications. The letter needs to be mailed to DoDMERB, and they will scan it into your son's file and forward it to the wavier authorities.

It also appears that DoDMERB has not received your son's allergy questionnaire, so I would download it off DoDMERB's web site and submit that with the letter.

I would not give up at all. Asthma waviers are granted all the time.
We have written a rebuttal to DoDMERB. Where do we find out if a waver is granted? Is it on the same DoDMERB site? Does it come in the mail?


If the rebuttal is sucsessful, or if a wavier is granted it will show on the DoDMERB web site, and a letter will be mailed out as well.
Our son's DoDMERB status changed from "Pending Waiver Submission/Review" to "Application Under DoDMERB Review". Is that an indication that the waiver committee has made a decision? Or further tests will be requested?

The disqualification was: D241.30 - Asthma/reactive airway disease/exercise induced bronchospasm after age 13.


I believe that means that your son's package is currently being reviewed by a DoDMERB physician. I'm not sure about that though as I don't know all the statuses that show on the DoDMERB web site. They are different than what the reviewers see, so I will check on this tomorrow and get back with you.

It took two weeks of waiting, but DoDMERB posted a QUALIFIED on the website. What a relief. Thanks for your help. We followed your advice of letters and calls to rebutt their initial findings and his wheeze after 13 was justifiably explained with no waiver needed.

Follow up question

The DoDMERB site states:

"Correspondence - DD2368: Status Letter: 10/18/2006"

What does the designation "DD2368" stand for?

The DD 2368 is the qualified status letter (there is no true DD 2368 in the DoD system any longer, DoDMERB has kept that designation internally so they didn't have to change the computer system they use).