Logistics of Cross-town Units

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    As I prepare my application, I have UCSD as my top choice. It is a cross town affiliate of San Diego State University. How do cross town unit activities work? And are the classes held at one university? Thank you for any input.
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    This is the wrong place to ask that question...each program does things a little differently, so you are going to get a bunch of answers here which may or may not pertain. At Clarkson all our partner schools are within a 15 minute drive, so all Cadets have class and usually train at the host. We will occasionally do a high visibility event on a partner campus. Distance, Cadre availability, distribution of Cadets and available facilities are all factors a program will use to decide how the handle cross town Cadets.
    If you want to know how it’s handled at UCSD your best bet is to contact the program and ask.
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    I think this might be a change for this year. MY DS looked at UC San Diego a couple years ago and University of San Diego was the host, with SD State and UCSD as cross town affiliates. Now it looks like USC and SD State are hosts, with additional cross town affiliates. Both units are part of the San Diego consortium. D/S has a friend in the unit attending SD State and he is really enjoying his experience. He wasn'r selected fo rthe 4 year scholarship out of high school, but picked up a scholarship when he re-applied. As of last year it was a very large unit in an area with a huge Navy presence. I don't know all the logistics and would second @clarksonarmy to contact the unit for details. You can probably find a lot of answers here on their website:
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    Be aware that the traffic in any California metro area, including San Diego, can add substantially to the commute time from the crosstown (such as UCSD) to the host school (such as SDSU).

    I would ask the detachment folks what to expect regarding how many additional hours per week will be spent getting from UCSD to SDSU and back.
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    Search the USD's NROTC website for a detailed explanation. https://www.sandiego.edu/nrotc/ Note also, UCSD is on quarters and the rest of the schools on semester calendars.