Look for the THIN package


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Jul 14, 2006
My son received a single-page "Congratulations ..." letter - LOA yesterday. Thanks RetNavyHM and all other posters for making this application process less confusing. Now he will focus on getting a nomination ...
Congratulations!! I'm just glad I could have a very small part in making the process just a touch easier! Good luck with the rest of the process!
Our son got his LOA yesterday, too! According to his ALO the board met for the first time on Monday the 16th, so these LOAs are the first batch sent out.
Congatulations to your son, lmk. Hopefully they will be classmates in June! Thanks to everyone on this forum for their help with the process. Now we wait for the nomination, too.
Congrats you guys! Thats awesome news. Wrap those kids in bubble wrap to keep them safe & sound. Frame that letter!!

Good luck to all the applicants!

You still selling bubblewrap, mom? :wink:

Congrats on the LOA. They don't just hand those out, you know.... :thumb:
Still selling it baaaaby! You know why, but I should explain to the others who might not know why I'm always saying it. Over the last two years, I saw three kids get appointments to different academies and proceed to get an injury playing sports or wrecking a car. They had to wait until the next year to go while injuries healed. At home, with an appointment in hand, while they were sitting around in a cast had to be a killer. Put them in a bubble! Don't leave it to me to do. I wrap really tight in about 10 layers! :D