Looks like I have to drop AFROTC for OTS, any advice?

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    I'm a noncontracted sophomore cadet who likely has to drop Air Force ROTC in the near-future because I cannot complete the degree program I want at my current school for various reasons; staying would basically leave me with zero Plan B for a career outside of the Air Force, force me to extend graduation by up to 2 years, and screw me if I don't get an EA (Complicated backstory that I won't get into here). I am not being removed from the program due to academic failure or anything criminal and feel that I likely would get an EA if I stay. Unfortunately life has tossed me a massive curveball and I don't see any other option at this point.

    Here is my current status:
    Major: Pre-Business (Finance & Banking)
    CGPA: 3.2
    PFA: 94
    SAT/ACT (If it matters at all): 1450/33

    I'm pretty involved in philanthropy through Greek Life and could easily point to a few examples of helping organize community projects and demonstrating leadership there. I also work for a real estate company and have helped acquire and manage over $200,000 worth of property, but this is something that I'm a bit iffy about putting on my application since due to it's "family-business" nature. I have gone through DoDMERB and finished the process without any need for waivers so I'm completely good on the medical side.

    I've talked to my Colonel and he is willing to write me a strong letter of recommendation for OTS since he would've nominated me for Field Training anyways. I am considering asking for two more from my APAS and the AS800 who is currently in charge of me.

    I have a few questions for the process:

    - Would a voluntary drop from AFROTC have a negative effect on my OTS application?

    - Can I apply for both COT and OTS at the same time? I am interested in becoming a 41a or a Public Health Officer if applying for a rated position doesn't work out.

    - When is the earliest I should start contacting AF officer recruiters and local Reserve/ANG units?

    - Would I have to do another DoDMERB when I apply for Air Force OTS when I've already passed my AFROTC DoDMERB?

    - I have an AFOQT scheduled through my detachment later this month. Should I proceed with taking it or should I hold off since I know I'll be gone next semester?

    - Should I put my experience in my family business on my application?

    Thanks all.
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