Love for wounded soldier upon return from Afghanistan

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    this is a pretty moving article from today's WaPo. I believe that there is at least one prominent member of this forum who can personally relate to this story and the travails of this young couple.
    I offer my prayers and thanks for them and for every service member - and their loved ones- who have given so much serving the country. I always feel at a loss for words when someone says: "thank you for your service" when I use my retired ID card for some discount or as ID at the airport because I don't really deserve any thanks. But there are thousands of service members who truly deserve far more thanks than I can offer- this soldier and his girl friend are in that category. So - Thank you for your service Lt Berchinsky, and all of the others , and thank you to all those who love and support them.
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    Love for wounded soldier upon....


    I could not agree more. We own everything we have to those of you who defend the freedom of this country, everything. Whats happening in the country right now truly bothers me, but to some degree I think it's a cycle, like this has happened before only worse. I thank you and all those you have served and those who will serve the in future.

    God Bless to you all,

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    Interesting read. On some level, it bothers me. There seems to be an undertone that she is stooping to his level in terms of being with a guy who isn't an Ivy Leaguer. As the spouse of a Yale grad, I know that sentiment all too well. That udertone is, in my opinion, both a cause and symptom of the social divide.
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