Maine Maritime Academy 76, CGA 49

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    Although the CGA backup quarterback (a 4/C!!) set a new CGA record by throwing for 469 yards and 6 touchdown passes yesterday, the 49 points scored on Cadet Memorial Field by the Bears was not enough to offset the 730 rushing yards (you read that correctly!) and 76 points put up by Maine Maritime Academy, the #1 D3 rushing team in the country.

    The Mariners 746 total yards (they completed exactly one pass) on 72 carries sets a new D3 record, and was only a few yards shy of the all-time NCAA (all levels) record. Their 11 touchdowns is also a new NEFC record.

    The combined 125 points sets a NEFC record and was only 6 points shy of the all-time D3 record.

    Story HERE

    Seeing a football game shootout with 18 touchdowns (no FGs at all) is something to behold, doubtful I'll ever see something like that again. I doubt the Maine Maritime Academy basketball team will score that many points against the Bears basketball team this winter.
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    Wow, that's a lot of scoring.

    Next time BEARS!

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