Major Selection


Dec 31, 2019
It is hard to believe that the application process is in full swing with the first receiving appointments. CGA offers 9 excellent majors and faculty are available to answer questions. My recommendation is to look over the faculty lists on the uscga edu website. For most, email is best as we are not usually near our telephones. Of course, use a professional sounding email address to avoid the automatic spam filter and include a direct subject line.

Changing of majors once enrolled is possible but based on availability AND the needs of the service. For example, if you accept an appointment as an engineer or cyber major, it is expected that you will graduate in one of those five majors. Switching between the five is common but space in certain majors may be very limited.

If you accept an appointment for a second choice, this means that you are enthusiastic about that major. It is not a fun conversation to have with a cadet that wants to switch from MES to Government to explain that the major is full.

Good luck to everyone, remember each of you has many excellent fits.