March Mass appointment offers


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Nov 18, 2007
okay, so i just called a USAFA admissions officer asking about my appointment status. he told me that the selections have been made and that they will send notification to the congressman/senators who will notify the appointees, so basically, he said, i would hear something the first week of april because that is the week they notify the congressman. in other words, i still have some waiting to do!!!
i heard they were already sending out wait list notifications to some nominee's. what is your alternate plan for school?
maybe the waiting list has gone out, but the appointee notification has not (at least for the mass offers during march). my alternate plans are a year of ROTC junior college and i apply again to USAFA. the way i see it, you typically only go to college once, and i want to make the most out of it. USAFA truly is the one school for me, out of every one in the nation.
perhaps you will hear good news soon. it is good you are sekin ROTC also as should everyone
about that, does usafa know of my rotc scholarship? because i am sure it would strengthen my application, as well as the fact that i have applied and been nominated to usna.
I don't think USAFA knows you've been extended an ROTC scholarship unless you update your file with the admissions office. If you want to do that, give your admissions counselor a call and let him/her know.
maybe i should have done that earlier, especially since all the selections have been made!! but i will definitely do it since it might help me if i haven't been selected yet.
I had to call my senator to hear the news. She told me that she had known about my appointment for a week, but she did not know that she was supposed to call me. You may want to give your nomination source a call. I went through the same "we can't tell you, you have to hear it from them" ordeal.

I was accepted by the way and will be there April 21-22 for the Appointee Orientation.
hm..when did this happen? because the admissions officer told me that the march offers haven't been sent out yet.
Perhaps I did not wait long enough, but the woman I talked to in the senator's office said she got an e-mail. I may have gotten a little earlier selection though. I've been deemed "candidate" (means competetive if you don't have a nomination) for a looooooooong time, like July/August. All I was waiting for was a medical waiver. So my application may have gone in and out of the decision room since it had been reviewed before.

Good luck! I hope all turns out well.

I think the difference is you had an LOA, so thus, if you got a nom, you are guaranteed in.

Ths others who have to wait until March, are regular decision. Thus their entire slate gets reviewed, and who ever has the highest WCS, wins the appt. Then add in NWL and Pres. which adds another wrinkle.
my congressman's office called me two weeks ago this wednsday and told me they had just gotten an e-mail about my selection. i got the official packet in the mail sat 3/22 :thumb::yllol::shake::thumb:

giving your congressman's office a call might not be a bad idea lol.

EDIT: btw i didnt have a LOA....
online status

My son was offered the USAFA Prep School last month. His application status on the USAFA website changed sometime last week from COMPLETED to AIR FORCE ACADEMY PREP SCHOOL (OFFERED SCHOLARSHIP). His status date on DoDMERB has not changed. If you're anxious (as we all are :wink:) you may want to check your application on the USAFA website for a potential Prep or Falcon Scholarship offer.

Hang in there!
I found out everything first from my Congressman. When I went in for the nomination interviews, they gave me my profile sheet and on it, it said I had a Letter of Assurance. Since I didn't know about it, they had to check. But it wasn't a typo! Then in late January, my congressman called me at school and told me I was accepted and then what day the Academy was sending out my I knew when to start checking the mail!
I was never informed that I had an LOA. My situation was almost identical to upsidezdown though. My senator got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago about my appointment, but she didn't know to call me. I got my package on 3/22 as well.
Flyboy keep your hopes up. You may have received an appointment already and just don't know it or may not received an appointment yet. Keep in mind the panel are not done deliberating. Next week is when the Panel will meet again.:thumb:
DS found out today that his sen. and cong. has not been notified yet of their appt. They expect to hear before April 1. DS has noms from all 3, but did not speak to th other sen. office, since both had the same answer. There are people on the list that received appt. from our state,(i.e. rotc, MOC, pres.) but the sen. spokesperson said they have not been notified as of yet. Our congressman stated that they have not received notification of their appointee yet.So just keep waiting.
I'm pretty sure that everyone in my state has been appointed. We are starting to have meetings sponsored by the Parents Club. They said they worked our first meeting around everyone's spring break, and she implied that everyone from here has already been accepted. The only bad thing is our first meeting is this saturday, which is the night of Prom. I'm just going to have to go a few hours late!:rolleyes: Oh well. Prom isn't that big of a deal when it comes to the Academy!:wink:
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what is an LOA??????

thanks I am catching on to all of the acronyms...thanks!:confused: