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    I've done my best to use the search tool and figure most of my questions out through old posts, but I'm still unsure about one thing. If a midshipman gets a marine air contract, does that pretty much guarantee that he/she will go to flight school and become a pilot?

    I understand that he/she first goes to TBS to become a "ground officer" like everyone else, but the reason for my confusion is that there are several "air" related Marine officer MOS selections. So my question is wether or not a marine air contract means that the person will become a pilot, or if they will be involved in something in the aviation field (such as air traffic control, air intelligence, aviation supply, etc.)? And if an air contract does mean they are going to become a pilot, if someone wanted to have the MOS of air intelligence/air traffic control/etc (not pilot), would they select "Marine Ground" on their service selection and hope that they are assigned the aviation related job at TBS?

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    Selecting Marine Air means after TBS you go to flight school to become either a Naval Aviator or a Naval Flight Officer. To be in aviation supply, etc., you choose Marine ground and compete for it at TBS.

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