Marine Boot Camp


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Jun 9, 2006
My nephew is in boot camp at Parris Island. I was just given his address. Does anyone know if it is okay to send a care package to him? I was told that when he called home he requested power bars. I don't want to cause a problem for him.

Where can I find out that kind of info?
Write him a letter and ask him what the rules are.

I don't think calling the Senior Drill Instructor and asking him is a good idea. :wink:
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I joined this forum way back when it first got up & running, but never got it activated for some reason. Felt great to actually log in!

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Anyway, Sealion, I wanted to let you know that we live right here at Parris Island (Beaufort). I don't know about the care pkg rules (I might could find out if you don't), but if we can be of any assisatance on this end, feel free to let us know.

Good luck to your nephew & family!
Care packages are allowed, I would make sure that the items sent can be shared with others, and stored easily. Power bars are a good choice, but try to stay away from items such as chocolate (tends to melt very quickly!).
Received an amazing letter from my nephew at boot camp. He says everything about him has changed for the better and he appreciates his new perspective.

It is black flag by 10am. What's that?

Will qual on the rifle range this week and wants to be rated expert.

We ended up sending two cases of Power Bars. I have no idea if that was good or bad but he didn't complain. Plenty to share anyway.

We're so happy for this boy - lots of people tried to shoot down his dream and it looks like he's gonna be fine.
Good for your nephew - most kids when left to their dreams do fine. It is terrific that he has you for support.
Black flag by 10AM. Not sure but, considering the weather down here, my guess would be the heat and humidity are such by 10AM that they raise a black flag to signify reduced physical activity.
Black flag means that there can be no orginized exercise routines. There are 4 flag colors, green, yellow, red and black. These are all tied to the WBGT (wet bulb globe temperature - the temperature taking into account the humidity).

I can't remember what the temperature ranges are, or even what the exercise limitations are other than the black flag.
My nephew graduated from Marine Boot Camp a few days ago and I am looking for gift/congratulations suggestions.

I would appreciate some ideas for for a young Marine who isn't even 19 yet.

He does expect to be sent to Iraq. How much additional training is usually aquired before someone is sent there?
Depending on what MOS he's going in there could be quite a bit of additional training. First he will be sent to either Camp Pendleton in CA or Camp Johnson in NC for additional training (its been so long since I've been with the Marines I can't remember what its called, but I'm sure someone will know). After that he'll go for the specialized MOS training. I couldn't say how long it would be before he would have to head out, most likely depends on the unit he gets assigned to.

As for a good graduation gift, cash was my best friend, but if you are looking for something tangible, and especially knowing he's going to be going overseas soon, I would look into an ipod, or MP3 player. They are small, and and can help one to "get away" from it all. A little privacy, even if its just blocking out all the sounds around you, is worth its weight in gold.