Marine Corps PLC Financial Assistance Program Repayment after Withdraw

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    Hello everyone,

    I would like to thank you in advance if you have some knowledge to share with me on this issue.

    When I was an officer candidate for the Marine Corps through the Platoon Leaders Class program, I was enrolled in the Financial Assistance Program (FAP) which gives money to candidates to attend school. This "loan" does not have to be repaid if you successfully complete all required training and commission as a second lieutenant. However, I withdrew my contract and pursued other things after that.

    I work as a data analysis specialist for a small company and became very interested in the field of analysis and being an analyst. It so happened that one of my buddies is a 26xx (I think; he's a cryptologic linguist) in the Marine Corps and shared with me his experience a little back. This got my heart racing again to consider military duty in the intelligence field as an intelligence analyst. Surprisingly, I did much more research into the military intelligence fields than I did contracting for Air for the Marine Corps PLC program.

    To address the main issue, my credit score took quite a dent after the account with "DEFENSE FIN ACCT SVC" was deemed closed with approximately $6,000. I did intend to pay it back after finding a well-paying job after graduating college in December 2017, but sparking the interest in enlisting in the intelligence field (primarily Intelligence Analyst) generates more questions than simply enrolling in a payment plan to slowly pay back the debt.

    Does anybody have tknowledge you could share on how enlisting could affect the debt I owe to DEFENSE FIN ACCT SVC? Will enlisting into the military be able to clean the record of debt accrued from the Marine Corps PLC program?

    If I have asked the answer at the wrong place, please guide me to the right place where I can find the advice. Thank you very much.

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    Joining the armed forces as an enlisted personnel is a helluva lot easier than doing so as an officer. Nonetheless, the recruiters will most likely run a credit bureau report on you & the $6K to DFAS will show. You'll be asked to explain. I don't know how much of a road block to enlistment this will be.

    I suggest asking on this Reddit page:

    They're a bit salty/edgy, but somebody is bound to have some practical first-hand advise.

    I'm certain you're not the first would-be recruit with something on his/her credit bureau report. But, then again, the Marines have taken in people with bankruptcy filings, repossessions, felony convictions, etc. So they just might let you become a private in their beloved Corps.

    Semper Fi,