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    So I am currently set on applying to Virginia Tech for their Corps of Cadets, and simultaneously applying for NROTC-MC's scholarship. I am set on becoming an infantry officer, as all of the military in my family have been Marine infantry officers, and it is the one job field that I feel that I would truly fit into. I understand that getting infantry out of TBS is incredibly selective, and I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to earn the 0302 MOS, however in my research into the infantry field, I stumbled upon the LAR community. It is incredibly intriguing, and I am wondering what it would take for a Infantry Officer candidate to get a chance to go to LAV Leaders Course? And what would the career path of an LAR officer look like in contrast to a line infantry officer's?
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    LAR guys volunteer and are selected out of IOC. You have to be selected for infantry first at TBS.

    Check out It's pretty dead but one of the mods there is an LAR LtCol and years ago (as in 2006) posted a real long explanation of what LAR is about:


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