Marines Reserve concerns.

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    Hello everyone, Please help me, I have some concerns.

    I was medically disqualified from Dodmerb and also I didn't get my waiver for my ROTC program so I also lost my college scholarship.

    I am thinking to join the Marines while a got in USF and started my Criminal Justice semester.

    I visited the Marines recruiter and I requested to join the reserve ( if I pass MEPS ) while I finish college. My recruiter is pushing me to go Active instead of Reserve because after it will be not 100% sure I may go active.


    - Is it true that after I finish my Reserve contract it will be difficult to become Active Duty?

    - Is it true that if I go Enlist I have more chances at MEPS because their condition are less rigid that Dodmerb.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear you soon.

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    Nico98: in looking through your 36 messages, there seems to be a lot of inconsistencies and bouncing around. I am going to chalk that up to confusion and frustration rather than any other reason. So, I offer my comments in the spirit of helping you find your way...

    What is your end goal? Serving in the military, serving your country, earning the title "Marine" or being an Armed Forces officer? The answer to this question will guide you as you move forward.

    Hearing loss is a significant issue (as you have seen). The standards may be different for enlisted but it is still a big deal. So, passing a military physical is important. Waivers may or may not be available. If not, you may need to serve your country in a different way.

    SAF may not be the best source of information on your situation. You can talk to other recruiters, ROTC officers at your school, veterans, etc. Be creative in seeking advice.

    Good luck!
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    Also, the USNA forum probably isn't the best one for this question.
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