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Jul 9, 2006
Well, folks - Marion, Alabama is in the middle of nowhere! Selma is a 30 miles away through a whole lotta nothing!

I was very impressed. Inprocessing went well, my cadet got her uniforms and set about to set up her room. Spent all afternoon unpacking and setting things up. Actually, she spends the next 4 weeks being a ROC (recruit-on-campus) before she becomes a Cadet - she kept her sense of humor jokes and kept remarking how they have been reduced to inanimate objects!

It was blazing HOT. Not just Alabama hot but record HOT. HOT and DRY. Did I mention HOT? haha. it was the 10th day in a row for +100 deg temps. It was 106 degress on inprocessing day.

The kids inprocessed in the gym -we made the rounds to various stations - last one being SAP table where she met Col Bauer. He is just a fabulous guy. Then off to get uniforms - wow! Now she likes to shop so I just told her she just bought $1800 worth of clothes at once! hmmmmm she didnt care for my sense of humor.

Anyway - then to the room - unpacked and began setting up. Spent the afternoon organzing etc.

The reception was held at the Dean's home. It was hot so they let the kids wear civies. They were all great kids! The faculty was very nice and welcoming as well...classes start tomorrow.

There are 40 AOG Scholars at MMI - the rest are a good mix of USAFA, USNA and USCGA - don't know the numbers. Total in SAP program = 105.
Good stuff JAM. You're going to hear some great stories this coming year about the faculty there. I heard first hand about those wonderful folks and they really really focus on getting those kids to their academies prepared. The young lady I speak with tells me that it doesn't end when they leave there. She says she has email/phone call access to her MMI teachers 24/7 should she need them & feels that will help her get through the AC year at USNA. She sure looks good in whites! :D
The stories are starting to pile up, Jamzmom!! :wink:

Yesterday the ROC's got Crested! They are Cadets now! They had inspection, a parade, the band played and lots of moms and dads went. (We live too far to make it)
My kid missed the whole thing. Yep - she is on 72 hrs bed rest since she was diagnosed with mono on Friday. :frown:

Happy to say a trip to the dr. and lots of meds and care by the fine folks at MMI and things are looking up. Hoping to be back in class tomorrow.

After the ceremony, her Sgt. came to her room, called her out in the hall, told her to get her cover and crested her right there in her sweats! She was one happy girl! :thumb:
You just can't make this stuff up!
Now they are all cadets and life will get a little easier - not to mention that now she can eat the ice cream in the mess hall!

I am soooooooooo looking forward to Parents weekend in October - 5 weeks away!
The stories are starting to pile up, Jamzmom!! :wink:

You wait until the end of the won't believe some of the crazy stuff they do to break up the monotony. My son joined a group on facebook called "I went to military school and I have the stories to prove it!" :biggrin:

Tell her I said congrats on becoming a cadet and I hope she feels better real soon.
I am glad they are taking good care of your Cadet at MMI. Many congratulations to her for completing the requirements for becoming a Cadet!
Parent's Weekend

Parent's weekend began Friday afternoon. We had time for parent/teacher conferences and each company hosted a cookout.
Got a look at my cadet in her uniform for the first time. I enjoyed meeting all of her teachers - they provided excellent guidance and specific ways to improve academically.

Saturday morning - We were treated by a chorus/band ensemble performance, a tour of the President's house - a wonderfully restored Southern home and a demonstration by the Swamp Fox off the rapelling tower.
We dined with our cadets and after lunch was the Mother's Review Parade.
The cadet's marched onto the parade field in 80+ degree weather in their wool Class "A" and looked sharp.

After colors we packed up and brought her and another cadet up to Birmingham. 11 of us - 4 cadets and families went out for dinner and we had a great time. Sunday brought an afternoon of shopping at the mall and a ride back to school.

I am so impressed with this school and their SAP program. The teachers are tough but care about the progress of each cadet. Many are retired or former military and have a clear sense of Academy preparation.
Just_A_Mom - Thank you for continuing your comments on MMI. Son should receive Foundation paperwork this weekend from USNA and all the info (pros and cons!) will help contribute to his decisions. Thank you!
If you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask!

Marion Military has an Army and Air Force slant - they have AROTC and AFROTC. There are USNA foundation kids there. I think many USNA kids choose NMMI.

MMI and NMMI (New Mexico) are the two most popular Military Junior colleges that foundation prep candidates choose - from Army, Navy and Air Force.
They are both fine programs and if he chooses a foundation prep program - I think the military junior college is the best route - though some may disagree.
Most military schools have an Army slant. I don't really think that is a negative issue for USNA candidates. I agree that the military junior college is probably the best for most candidates. While they are not there to become marching regimented cadets (they are there solely for the academics), the military atmosphere doesn't seem to hurt.