Marlow White Commissioning Packages -- Recommendations Please


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Jan 10, 2013
We are about to order ASUs and would like to know if anyone has experience/preference between the "premium" package and the "professional" package.

Thanks in advance for any advice and information!
Great link above.

Personal preference, The Premium Package with the upgrade to Bullion Shoulder Boards. Just remember to ask your son what cover they are all wearing, the package comes with the Beret so you would have to add on the Service Cap (Bus Drivers Hat) which is another added cost. Also make sure he either has shoes or if he will need a new pair. Good your ordering now in case anything needs to be sent back because of size or damage, plus there is always a rush to get tailoring done when it gets close to graduation.
DS ordered the premium package and boy is it nice! Also keep in mind there will be added expense for tailoring and the sewing on of various items . He had his mom sew on the tabs for the all important pinning of rank in less than 90 days ![emoji3]