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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by daine, Feb 2, 2016.

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    I am applying to West Point. I am 3Q and have been told I am a qualified candidate. I received a nomination from my congressman, Elijah Cummings, a few weeks back. I did not receive a nomination from Senator Barbra Mikulski and was waiting to hear back from Senator Cardin. That being said, I just received a letter from Cardin's office yesterday. I am quite disappointed/confused with the response:

    "You were an excellent candidate and were also chosen by my Academic Review Board to receive a nomination, but because you have already received a nomination from another source and only one nomination is needed to be considered for appointed, I have deferred to Congressmen Cummings".

    How is this possible? I've been seeing everywhere that people get multiple nominations to one academy? I a bit livid that they're stripping another opportunity from me from getting in. Any advice on the matter? Anything I should do? Thanks for your help, and I apologize for the rant.
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    Sounds like this Congressman coordinates with the Reps. Some states coordinate across all MOCs, some only a few of them do and in others they don't. Just how it works, you might not like it, but that is how it is for your state. What you should do is be happy you are 3Q and have a nom, work on your plan B, C, D and enjoy your senior year. To be honest, the military is full of things you can't control. You learn very quickly to worry about what you can control and set aside the things you can't.
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    This is actually pretty common is some areas. There is nothing you can do, the nominations are out, you can't strong arm them into taking someone's nom away and giving it to you.

    Try to see the upside though...the fact that you have a nom and were strongly considered for a second indicates you have a strong package!
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    You only need one to receive an appointment. Things could be worse. One is better than NONE. Good luck to you. Ditto on having plans B, C, and D in place.
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    Congratulations on the nom and good luck with obtaining an appointment! All Maryland MOC's coordinate their nominations as to give as many Maryland students a chance for a an appointment as possible. You have a nom, a lot of people would love to have a nom, as they did not get one. I totally agree with Falconrocks "having plans B-D in place".
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    daine! same boat as you! Received the letter for Senator Cardin's office stating that I was selected for USNA nomination by academy review board yet I was deferred to Congressman Sarbanes since I received USNA and USMA nominations. Despite not receiving an additional nomination, I am genuinely happy for their response and I understand the "sharing of wealth". Had an enjoyable interview with the same interviewee from last year. Isn't that crazy? Good luck to you daine and everyone else!

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