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    Looking for some information about what happens between the two weeks of orientation for freshmen (4th Class) and the start of classes. This year, the two week orientation starts on Saturday Aug. 17th and goes through Friday Aug. 30th. Classes start on Wednesday Sept. 4th. Do the freshmen stay at MMA for those 4 days between the end of orientation and start of classes?
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    I have it on good authority (one of my Engineers graduated from there about 10 years ago but stays pretty tight still with his alma mater) that the sequence of events will be a graduation from Orientation, followed by a Family Day event & then you will get Liberty thru Labor day then you will be back on campus tueasday for Inspection and getting ready for classes etc.

    Good luck- I have seen nothing but good folks come from Mass Maritime- good Engineers with a great work ethic.:thumb:
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    Another good source of info for questions like these are on the MMA Parent's Forum. You need to request a membership but it's a great source of answers:

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