Mass Maritime Training Cruise -TS Kennedy departs

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    TS Kennedy left Buzzards Bay for the Caribbean yesterday. Fair winds and following seas to the Mass Maritime Cadets- stay out of trouble in New Orleans during Mardi Gras!:rolleyes:
    For those of you out there who are now considering where you want to go to school- think hard about the opportunities that exist with the State Maritime Academies. Small classes in colleges that have strong engineering, environmental engineering and management, and business programs in a focused, disciplined environment with the opportunity to commission in the sea services thru either ROTC, Coast Guard Direct Commission programs or the Navy SSO programs (at SUNY Maritime and Mass Maritime- Army ROTC is also available) as well as the opportunity to get your license as a 3d AEng or 3d Mate and ship commercial. Finally- what other State Colleges offer you the opportunity to go on annual training cruises to ports literally around the world, in the North Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean and Pacific. This year MMA will visit New Orleans, Nassau, Aruba, Montego Bay among other places. I can think of worse places to be than aboard that ship in January and February!:thumb:

    Follow the voyage at this blog:
    Article from the Cape Cod Times below:
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    I received my MMA offer of appointment last week and I am definitely considering it. I think it is cool how they conduct their cruise in winter rather than summer, which can help open up time to get a job and off set the tuition costs!
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    bruno - yes, opportunities abound at MMA, but how do I get that across to my son here in NJ? He applied Early Action and has his acceptanceat MMA, but is leaning toward Rutgers because he wants more of a college experience. As his parent, I have an idea of what the future may hold as far as career opportunities go for graduates of State colleges/universities, and its not too bright right now. I'm concerned that he's being short-sighted. Any advice on getting him to consider MMA in a brighter light?
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    My son also wanted a "college experience". He is glad he chose MMA over BC. Hands on experience in marine engineering (when it breaks in the middle of the Pacific you don't go to COSTCO, you make it) and Winter Term Trips that are the best. Currently on USNS ship in Persian Gulf for winter term. Bahrain and Dubai and at sea. Doesn't have to chose clothes to wear each day. Look at the job rates for Maritime Graduates, they have an outstanding percentage of graduates with good paying jobs at graduation. Not bad in this economy.:thumb:

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