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    The Final Hurdle

    ...and the highest! Passing the seven part, United States Coast Guard Exams, spread over three and one half days, provide Marine Engineering and Transportation majors with their tickets to RIDE!
    These grueling tests lead to the light at the end of the tunnel - licensure!

    Comparable to the Bar exam for law students or the CPA exam for accountants, the USCG exams are the last step in the Academy’s education and training process. MMA Engineering students take examinations in Steam Engines I and II, Diesel Engines I and II, Electricity, Safety and General Subjects. Transportation majors or deck candidates are tested in Terrestrial and Celestial Navigation, Chart Plotting, Rules of the Road, Safety, Navigation General Subjects and Deck General Subjects. The standard passing score for each of these exams is a 70% or better, except in some of the deck subjects, which require a score of 80% or 90% to pass the exam.

    Students who “go seven for seven” have passed each of the seven modules during the initial testing. If a cadet fails one or two of the modules, they are allowed an opportunity to retake those particular modules in the following weeks. Failing three or more modules, a student must retake the entire exam – all seven modules, including any that they may have passed initially. Needless to say the goal for all is “seven for seven”.

    This year’s Deck and Engineering candidates had an overall passing rate of 85% and 81%, respectively.

    Bragging rights anyone? As Walt Whitman once said, “If you’ve done it, it isn’t bragging!”
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    My son will get his commission aboard the USS Constitution in Boston on June 19th. He will than graduate Mass Maritime with his license on June 21st. Passed all the engineering.:thumb:

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